£17.5 - 30 mins  guitar or ukulele lesson

£26 - 45 mins  guitar or ukulele lesson

£35 - 60 mins guitar or ukulele lesson

Adult beginner having a guitar lesson

I have 19 years experience teaching all levels and age groups.

I have been teaching in the UK  for 15 years now.


With my students I cover a large variety of genres from the popular (Rock, Pop, classical piano music) to the more exotic, such as: flamenco, Mali blues or even Eritrean traditional music.

In my career as a teacher, my experience ranges from working with 7 year olds in a primary school through to teaching at HND level at Northampton University with modules including: music theory, experimental music, synthesis and sampling.

I enjoy teaching students at all levels: from the complete beginners to those more  advanced.

The teaching is always tailored to my student’s needs and interests.

I prepare for grade exam (from Rock school to Trinity and  ABRSM) or teach a student’s favourite music always ensuring he or she learns the correct technique allowing them to progress as guitarists, pianists or ukulele players with time.

I encourage students to boost their creativity by composing and recording their own music. It is remarkable how many people who believe they lack any creativity end up composing interesting music.

Obviously composing your own music is not compulsory, if you just want to play guitar, piano or ukulele for fun.

Some of my students have started their own bands going on to record professional albums.

Electric guitar

I have been playing with other musicians, as a part of a band or in duets, trios almost since the day I decided to play the guitar.

My first inspiration was the music of Jimi Hendrix, who I still find to be the best guitarist in the history of electric guitar.


Since then my musical interests have expanded significantly.

I joined and performed with various bands, with genres including: grunge, traditional Irish folk and fusion.

The constant desire to learn more about music led me to the discovery of modern jazz music, from its earliest form – be-bop to its most evolved – free jazz. 

guitar, ukulele tutor, teacher Northampton

The music of such artists as Wes Montgomery, Pat Metheny, John Coltraine, Ornette Coleman and many more taught me a great deal about harmony and improvisation.

Relatively recently I co-formed an electro-acoustic trio, which is the most experimental and creative ensemble I have ever been a part of. We use inspirations from many different sources: Indian traditional music, Irish folk and even 1980’s electro. This innovative trio gives me a chance to expand my understanding and appreciation of music.

Currently I also compose music for a chamber ensemble, consisting of string quartet, piano and clarinet along with minimalist music for piano.

For both of these recent collaborations, I have needed to learn to play a new instrument (double bass and clarinet). This has been a useful reminder of the trials and tribulations of learning a new instrument.

I have used this in my guitar lessons to empathise with my students and encourage them to keep trying even when they find it hard as the end result of mastering techniques and producing wonderful music is so rewarding.

To further enhance my understanding and appreciation of music I studied music production at the University level.



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