learn to play the bass guitar


1. Bass is initially a relatively not a very difficult           intrument to learn.

fender bass guitar on floor

It is not an easy instrument if you want to really master it, but it is arguably the easiest out of the most popular instruments.

This means you can start playing with people having just mastered the basics.

You’ll only be able to provide the minimum, but that will give you a chance to have fun, work on music while you’re improving your skills.

Having said that it is worth having lessons as your teacher will make sure you won’t develop bad habits, ensuring you will be able to improve your skills with time.

2. It teaches you a lot about music.

red bass guitar, pearl like scratchplate

Bass guitar is continuing great traditions in music, replacing other bass instruments, such as double bass.

Low frequency instruments have had a special place in the history of Western music.

Bass line has been for many decades treated as a separate and individual voice, with its own and unique role.

Understanding how bass lines are created and how they are different to, say vocal line will give you a much deeper understanding of music in general.

3. Playing bass is more relaxing than playing guitar.

bass guitar behind window with blinds.

It takes a long time to develop skills and confidence to be able to play the guitar and make it sound great.

Guitar requires more concentration initially and every mistake stands out very clearly making it more unforgiving instrument. It is relatively easier to make notes flow on bass guitar.   

4. The groove.

man playing a bass guitar

As a part of a rhythm section you provide the groove.

Guitar solos are great but no one will ever dance or tap their foot to that sound. It is the bass which moves the audience.     

5. Being in a great demand.

fender jazz bass head

Regardless of whether we are talking about a couple of friends willing to play some music, amateur band or a professional recording session it is almost always the bass player who are the hardest to find.

A great bass player will always be in demand.

The enormous number of recordings done by bassists, such as: James Jamerson or Carole Kayes cannot be matched by any guitarist or drummer in the history of popular music.

Carole Kayes in her hey-day contributed to at least one new top 10 song every week.    

6. You have big hands.

bass braidge, close up.

As trivial as it may seem some people feel a great relief when they pick up bass after playing guitar realising that the strings are spaced far more apart.

Squeezing fingers together just to try make a chord sound half decent on guitar can be harder for people with bigger hands.