a brief history of bass guitar

A very brief history of bass guitar.

bass guitar in front of electric guitars

It isn’t all that clear when the first electric bass guitar was invented.

Most sources suggest it was invented in 1950’s by Leo Fender, other claim the origins of that instrument could be traced back to 1920’s.

The fact is that electric bass guitar started to replace double bass as the bass instrument of choice for bands playing modern popular music in 1950’s.

Bass guitar had a serious advantage over a double bass in that it had frets, which meant that a musician didn’t need to worry about placing a finger in a precise spot to get the right intonation.

Bass guitar - freatboard, black and white

As a result, becoming proficient at playing that instrument was relatively easy.

Many music lovers, who otherwise would not be interested in mastering a difficult double bass decided to pick up the bass and its popularity grew.

What followed was an increase in playing techniques and complexity of bass lines.

Today it would be difficult to imagine modern music without a bass instrument, and some of the popular genres, such as jazz would not exist without it.