learn to play the ukulele


1. Ukulele can become a part of your social life.

ukulele ona chair, clothes hanging behind. Sunny day.

The popularity of this instrument along with the relative easiness of learning it means that there are plenty of ukulele groups you can join. You’ll be able to sing along and strum a few chords with the others even if your skills are rather limited.

What is very comforting is that in a sizable group of ukulele players and singers it is very easy to get away with occasional mistakes.

2. It is a relatively easy instrument to learn.

3 ukuleles, different colours.

There are only 4 strings and they are easier to press than those on guitar. Due to a smaller number of strings chords are easier to master, so you are able to play start playing popular tunes quicker.

Nylon strings with a much weaker tension means you don’t have to press them very hard, making it a great first instrument for a child.

When you decide to go beyond strumming simple chords and try, fingerpicking for example your teacher can guide you through the process of learning it, making it easier.

3. It is a relatively inexpensive instrument.

Ukulele behind a sofa.

You can afford to buy it just to try and see if it is an instrument for you without putting a strain on your bank account.

It is not the same as buying your first bassoon worth well over a thousand pounds.

4. Ukulele is a very small instrument.

2 ukuleles hanging on a wall

You can easily carry it with you almost everywhere you go.

This is something pianists or double bass players can be jealous about.

5. Most modern popular songs can be played on that instrument.

ukulele, close up

Popular music is not very harmonically and rhythmically complex and in many cases ukulele, despite its limitations is perfectly capable of playing these compositions.

You may need to ask your teacher to re-arrange certain sections, but it is still possible to play a wide variety of modern songs.

6. It is a great instrument for singers who write their own music.

ukulele in a shade. empty room.

The fact that ukulele is not as hard to learn as guitar or piano and its limitations make it easier to focus on creating original melodies.

You don’t need to think about limitless options of chord progressions and chord inversions to choose from.

A few basic chords and simple strumming pattern can be enough for a catchy tune.